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Communication Manager and Copywriter

Tehran | Marketing and Communications | Full-time

About Phanous

Phanous Research and Innovation Centre is a new kind of research centre. We are innovative about the way we want to innovate. If there is an idea, concept, or challenge that we love and think we can make an impact about it, we build a lab for it with the best talent we can get hold of. Our labs then literally evolve with the research until it is matured into a state that has value and impact. We then break off and move onto the next challenge.

At Phanous we strive to do ethical research with integrity. We are pioneering and passionate in our contributions and principally innovative in our processes and deliverables.    

About This Opportunity    
In this position as a Communication Manager and Copywriter, your main goal is to increase the company's brand awareness and generate qualified leads.    

Objectives of the Position:     

The Communication Manager and Copywriter is a key role at Phanous. The primary focus of this role is:     

  • Copywriting    
  • Corporate and internal communications    
  • External public relations and media monitoring    
  • Social/digital community management.  

Role Description: 

  • Develop, implement and deliver comprehensive external content marketing strategies including multi-channel distribution plans that align with Phanous mission and visions and drive brand awareness and engagement.    
  • Compile and edit content for the Phanous website and wiki.    
  • Provide consultation and strategy plan for personal branding of Phanous scientists in such a way that benefits the Phanous brand and also is conducive to their chosen career path.     
  • Handle all issues related to publication activities of Phanous, including where necessary, negotiate with external publishers, organize/outsource editorial and artistic resources.     
  • Develop, implement and deliver a comprehensive and strategic internal communications strategy to increase employee engagement through effective, positive, and consistent internal communications.    
  • Develop standards, systems, and best practices for managing the content life cycle including creation, distribution, maintenance, retrieval, and repurposing, retiring, and analysis.    
  • Develop and manage Phanous’s brand “voice”, ensuring all content is on-brand, consistent in style, quality, and tone, and optimized for search and user experience across all channels including digital, social media, email, video, radio, print advertising, and collateral    
  • Create the Phanous brand book in alignment with the Phanous business development plan.    
  • Report on content and social outcomes, gathering data and analytics, presenting insights, and making recommendations based on those results    
  • Keep the management informed of Government policy or funding updates, industrial relations requirements, and any other information relating to the Vocational Education and Training sector, and action or escalate content and/or campaign opportunities accordingly.    
  • Head the crisis communications team source and action editorial opportunities, write press releases, act as media liaison and actively nurture and maintain effective media networks.     
  • Monitor external and social media for news related to Phanous.    
  • Organize and deliver internal and external events with clients & prospects.    

Selection Criteria:    

  • Excellent copywriting and research skills    
  • Excellent communication skills and understanding of English language and grammar    
  • Experience in the development of written content to achieve business objectives including the ability to adapt message and tone to target audiences, edit the work of others, and convey complex policies, topics, and service offerings in easy-to-understand language.    
  • Experience in the management of content and the development of marketing and communication policies    
  • Expertise in social media management and engagement, including demonstrated experience with Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram    
  • Experience in reputation management, media monitoring, and building relationships with various media outlets and industry bodies    

Qualifications, Skills, and Attributes:    

  • Understanding of content marketing tactics, such as SEO, digital and traditional advertising, and social media marketing    
  • Experience in the development of written content to achieve business objectives including the ability to adapt message and tone to target audiences, to edit the work of others, and to convey complex policies, topics, and service offerings in easy-to-understand language    
  • Ability to work confidently alongside, and maintain effective working relationships with a variety of key stakeholders    
  • Understanding of Phanous business operations and organisational strategies and goals    
  • Two+ years of experience in Copywriting and social media management    
  • Experience using content creation tools. Ability to create infographics, shoot & edit videos, create beautiful visuals, etc.    
  • Outstanding writing skills with a strong creative mindset 


Your mindset:    

  • Multitasker    
  • Strong research skills    
  • Problem solver    
  • Are not scared to leave your comfort zone 
  • Creative and out of the box thinker    
  • Great Project Management skills with a strong sense of deadlines    
  • Driven and self-motivated    
  • High adaptability as required to work in a start-up     


  • Flexible working hours
  • Appropriate and on-time payment
  • Talented colleagues and interesting work environment
  • Supplementary health insurance
  • Various on-site entertainments